Police Search For Meek Mill Diss Track Enters Fifth Day

PHILADELPHIA – Local police have confirmed the search for a Meek Mill diss track is still ongoing, despite being missing for almost a week.

Meek Mill’s partner Nicki Minaj reported the diss track missing, sparking a city-wide hunt for a response from the 28-year-old artist.

Not a single Maybach Music Group producer could be reached for comment.

‘Lord Knows where this track is’

The diss track is thought to have gone missing prior to the release of Drake’s Back To Back track.

Meek Mill fans have since gathered outside the rapper’s recording studio with candles, praying for the appearance of his missing diss track.

One fan said: “We all want to see it show up safely on YouTube, or Soundcloud, or something. Anything.”

A statement for the Philadelphia Police Department read:

“Philadelphia police can confirm it has initiated a search for the missing Meek Mill diss track on July 27th.”

“A Missing Track Report was filed by a member of Young Money Cash Money in the early hours of July 26th. However, a track must be missing for 48 hours before an official search can begin.”

“Although its exact whereabouts are unknown, we believe the diss track to still be in the Philadelphia area. We think it is approximately three minutes in length and should contain a response to the verbal whooping Drake has handed out.”

Commissioner Charles Ramsey said his department have combed recording studios across the city, but have struggled to find any solid leads so far.

Still no response

While Meek Mills is yet to comment, Nicki Minaj has asked the public to respect the couple’s privacy during this troubling time.

“Please. We just want to be left alone while the police do their job,” pleaded the teary Anaconda star. “It’s killing me to know no one has seen a trace of Meek’s diss track.”

“I mean, no sign of it. At all. Anywhere.”

The 32-year-old was worried something terrible had happened, like writer’s block. She asked anyone with information to “contact the authorities right away, so we can end this embarrassing nightmare”.

Lieutenant Amanda Ross is leading the search on the ground. She said the search area had been extended “to include YouTube and other music streaming services. Even MySpace.”

She also revealed that had it been her, the diss track would have turned up by now, adding “better believe that”.

Indeed, several experts have expressed concern that the track had not surfaced at this late stage.

“No one wants to say out loud but the first 48 hours are crucial in any rap beef,” said The Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God. “Drake releases Charged Up we all thought Meek’s track would turn up in the next day or two. But where is it?!”

Charlamagne suggested police should “think very seriously” about bringing in a ghost writer to expedite the search.

Keep hope alive

Despite no leads, Philadelphia police remain optimistic about the operation.

“I think we’re still looking at a search and rescue,” said Officer and Meek Mill Kenan Mitchell. He believed the diss track had been recorded “but must have been lost somehow before anyone could hear it.”

Commissioner Ramsey reiterated that optimism, saying his squad have not given up hope of finding “even 16 bars aimed at Drake.”

“No we haven’t given up. I haven’t given up. No one in this department has given up.”

“That diss track is out there somewhere. It must be…”

“Otherwise Meek Mill got bodied by a singing ni**a.”

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