Pope Benedict Urges Church to End ‘Difficult’ Easter Egg Hunt

VATICAN CITY – In his Easter Sunday message Pope Benedict XVI has urged the Catholic Church to call an end to the traditional Easter egg hunt and tell him where the rest of the eggs are hidden.

During Mass in St. Peter’s Square, Benedict voiced his concerns that the annual Catholic Church egg hunt was proving overly challenging having found just two of the suspected 20 eggs hidden in the Vatican.

Before a crowd of more than 100,000 faithful, he denounced the practise of making this year’s hunt and could be heard saying “come on guys, enough is enough.”

‘This is no longer fun’

Benedict described his initial enthusiasm after finding a note from the Easter Bunny inside his Mitre, but admitted he was growing impatient having already eaten the two chocolate eggs found.

Earlier in the day, the Pope presided over a three-hour search of St Peter’s Basilica but could only find a previously undiscovered “Michelangelo woz here” carving on St Peter’s tomb.

In a sign of desperation, the Pontiff suggested that he walk around  the Vatican and at least be told if he was hot or cold.

Having found the first two eggs hidden near rooms for teaching children, Benedict lamented the size of the vatican which he claimed was making the hunt unusually difficult and dispiriting.

Struggling with hoarseness and looking tired, he confessed that the futile search for the remaining eggs was the biggest test of his faith since becoming the head of the Catholic Church.

“I’ve been at this for five hours now.  God help you if this is some prank,” he said in a stern warning directed at the priests responsible for organising this year’s hunt.

Searching high and low

However, the pope was forced to muster his enthusiasm after being told by cardinals that the hunt would not be stopped until he had found all eggs.  He called for assistance from the audience to join him on their knees and “help me look for these damn eggs.”

‘May the risen Christ grant hope to the search for the hidden chocolate candy in all colours and variants, and may we work together to advance the end of this search in a timely manner.”

He also prayed the eggs be kept at room temperature until they could be found, “particularly the ones with the jelly beans inside as they are my favourite. “

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