Jury Sentences Carlos The Jackal To Life In NHS Nursing Home

FRANCE – A local court has convicted the international terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal and sentenced him to life in an NHS operated nursing home without parole.

The Venezuelan-born criminal, whose real name is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez had expected to receive a softer sentencing option of life in regular prison.

To the surprise of many in the courtroom, a jury went for the maximum punishment, condemning the 62-year-old to spend his golden years alone in a tiny room and made to pay £600.00 (€715) per week “without any hope of ever getting out.”

Tough sentencing

Influencing the outcome was the consideration that spending life in a place where bedding would be washed twice a week, and all clothing ironed did not match the crimes committed during several deadly attacks in the 1980s.

Addressing the court room, the serving judge explained: “It is in this courts opinion life in prison is too lean a sentence and Mr Sanchez can now look forward to a life of being left to soak in his own urine while contemplating the atrocities he has brought on the people of France.”

Prosecutor Olivier Bray was delighted with the ruling: “The operational and clinical failures of these NHS run facilities will see that he receives ample punishment for his crimes, and then some.”

Mr Sanchez appeared defiant as the judge announced the new sentence, but is said to be “bricking it” and has since pleaded for clemency, requesting his sentence be commuted to the death penalty.

‘The system works’

His lawyer, Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, described the verdict as a ‘scandal’ and confirmed she would appeal, adding that it was ‘inhuman’ for her client to suffer “this level of indignity and neglect regardless of the crimes committed.”

“Our client is all too aware of the deplorable conditions in many of these care homes and is adamant he not spend even a day of his life in such an awful place.”

Alain Poupaux, who was injured in one of the attacks, said he was “relieved” at the sentence and praised the Judge for taking an ultra hard line on terrorism.

“At first I was a confused by this verdict.  Prison is, how you say, ‘the worst’, no?”

“But I watched a documentary on NHS care homes and I am now satisfied this Jackal will finally get what he deserves.”

” This is justice, oui!”

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