Muslim Radicals To Christian Radicals: That’s Our Thing

FLORIDA – Extremist Muslim radicals have branded extremist Christian radicals as ‘copy cats’ after a church revealed plans to burn the Koran on the anniversary of 9/11. They’ve argued that burning the sacred doctrine of another religion is the kind of mindless behaviour they’ve become famous for and “was the one thing that separated us from other extremist fringe groups.” Radicals in Islamic countries have promised to burn ‘a million’ bibles in retaliation. “That’s what we do, get your own display of religious intolerance.”  said one fanatic.  “Next you’ll tell me they’re strapping bombs to their chests and visiting the local Wal-Mart.”

The church’s Pastor, Terry Jones insists Christians have every right to be as radical as their Muslim counterparts as “there’s no monopoly on dumbass ideas.  The First Amendment protects freedom of religion for everyone…so if we want to burn the Koran, that’s our right as idiots.”

He also argued that Christian zealots were burning things “long before Islam was a twinkle in Allah’s eye.”

If Muslim radicals jumped of a bridge

A section of rational minded observers have argued engaging in the same crazy behaviour as the people they protest may make it difficult to tell them from their enemies. “How are we supposed to tell Christian lunatics from Islamic lunatics if they’re all acting the same?  The American people won’t know who to fear” said Hilary Clinton.

Mr Jones acknowledged concerns of the level headed majority of both faiths, suggesting his particular group of fanatics could wear ‘armbands or something’ to differentiated themselves from the other fanatics.  He insisting the Koran burning will go ahead and urged ‘all people who have also lost their slender grip on reality to do the same.’

He did however distance himself from rumors the group would also engage in drawing the prophet Mohammad, adding: “Hey c’mon. We’re bigots, not stupid.”

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