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President Obama Fired After Rolling Stone Interview

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama has been forced to resign as US President after making disparaging remarks about Fox News’s journalistic integrity in a Rolling Stone article.

In the interview, he told the magazine that Fox News was ‘destructive’ for the long-term growth of America, and singled out Glenn Beck as a ‘clown’.

He went on to say that Fox News seemed more interested in boosting ratings through a distorted, fear-based narrative as instead of even the slightest semblance of fair and balanced reporting, a statement which sent shockwaves throughout the organisation for their accuracy, something Fox representatives say they were ‘disgusted by.’

A representative described Fox News chief Rupert Murdoch as furious after reading the article and demanded to see Obama in his office to discuss the outburst.

Murdoch explained Obama’s dismissal was needed to safeguard the security of the self-serving structure of misrepresentation that Fox News had worked ‘too God dam hard to see compromised by the truth’.

‘Now who do we compare with Hitler?’

Barack Obama has been crucial to the success of Fox News’s anti-Obama initiative and reporters within the network have questioned the decision, arguing he could still have been blamed for everything wrong with America.

Shawn Hannity called Obama “one of the finest presidential scapegoats this country has produced.”  Bill O Riley said it was sad to see his reign end ‘before we could transfer all the blame for Afghanistan to him.’

Murdoch accepted Obama’s resignation and in another stunning move appointed the president’s former Pastor Jeremiah Wright, whose expletive laced tirade proved a ratings hit for Fox during the 2008 election, as his successor.

He insisted it was ‘a change in personnel but not a change in policy’, assuring viewers they will continue exploiting every opportunity to undermine the administration by ignoring basic journalistic due diligence in pursuit of the perfect right-wing narrative.

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