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Medical Scientists Mystified By Spineless Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan SpineWASHINGTON DC – Scientists in the country’s top medical institutes are said to be collectively mystified by Paul Ryan’s ability to walk without a spine.

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Republicans Unveil As Obamacare Alternative

WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressional House Republicans have unveiled their first genuine alternative to the Affordable Care Act:

Titled the “Just Google It” Healthcare Act, or “Googlecare”, the plan is set to put to rest ongoing criticism that the Republican party had up till now offered no practical alternative to the Affordable Healthcare Act.

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Fox News Thrilled That People Still Can’t Sign Up For Health Care

NEW YORK – Employees at Fox News are said to be thrilled at new figures showing record numbers of people are still failing to sign up for Obamacare.

The news network has gleefully reporting the failures of the website which is leaving millions confused and still without adequate health care coverage.

The roll out has been such a positive experience for conservative pundits that Fox News hosts now admit that Barack Obama was born in America.

‘We’re still pinching ourselves’

A month into President Obama’s signature act of legislation, millions of Americans are still unable to sign up online due to system crashes and confusing message.

The mood inside Fox News has been described as “ecstatic” as the problematic launch of the affordable care act ensured the dream of poor people going without health care was kept alive.

The only negative came when a fight broke out between Fox News’ Neil Cavuto and Bret Baier over who would be the first to break the latest news of millions more people left uninsured by the systematic failure of the health care website to perform the one thing it was designed to do.

“I’m not the only one who thought this website was going to be bad news for us,” admitted The Kelly File host and part-time Elisabeth Hasselbeck stunt double Megyn Kelly.

“But it’s been fantastic, everyone is sooo happy lately.  I’ve never seen Sean Hannity smile so much.”

Kelly even confessed that her colleagues visited the website just to see the website crash when trying to sign up for health care, adding: “logging in to see that 404 error is becoming a ritual around here.”

Wonderful news

Speaking from the backstage area, anchor Gretchen Carlson said: “I’m just getting ready to report that even more people tried and failed to get health care since this morning.”

“It’s a really great day to be alive,” she beamed before breaking out into a high-pitched cackle for the next 13 and a half minutes.

The issues surrounding health care have lead to changing attitudes towards the administration with Fox and Friends’ Steve Doocy telling co-host Brian Kilmeade that he was now excited to see the president implement comprehensive immigration reform “as soon as humanly possible”.

“If it’s anything like health care there won’t be a single Mexican in the country with 18 months,” predicted Doocy who later admitted he’s had a full erection ever since he heard about the latest failure of the website.

Host Sean Hannity expertly summarised the mood in at Fox News by saying: “As a conservative pundit, I could only dream of days like this.”

“This botched roll out of health care is leaving people more confused and misinformed than my show ever could.”

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OJ Simpson Releases New Book: “IF I Did Get Fat”

NEVADA – OJ Simpson has published a new book in which he puts forward a hypothetical scenario of what could have caused him to gain weight while in prison.

The former NFL star, on trial for armed robbery and kidnapping, has vehemently denied accusations he gained weight while being locked up where he wrote the book.

Available in prison libraries across the state, the book will carry the full title: “IF I Did Get Fat: Confessions of an Over Eater”.


The book synopsis written by Simpson himself reads:

“O.J. Simpson, in his own words, tells for the first time how he would have engaged in a long pattern of unhealthy eating habits while incarcerated if he had actually gained any weight.  Which he has not.”

It comes on the back of continued public denials from Simpson and his lawyers in which he maintains being no heavier than his weigh in when first sentenced to Lovelock Correctional Center.

Simpson has previously testified to being “just as slim as the day I was acquitted for double homicide.”

“Hey I’m still as lean as always,” he shouted to a court official who stared for too long before adding: “The camera adds 10 pounds you know!”

In denial

The news of the books release has stirred heated controversy among those who have watched Simpson in court, many of whom having confused him with James Avery.

Speak about the trial, one onlooker said: “I knew OJ gained weight the moment I saw him shuffle into court.  Who is he trying to kid?”

Much of the discussion seems to agree that the writing in “IF I Did Get Fat” shows too much detail for Simpson’s suggestion of a fictional tale to be credible.

After reading the book, forensic psychology expert Cheryl Wood told reporters the book told her all she needed to know “without having to see OJ Simpson on television.”

“To put it simply, there’s no way a skinny person wrote this book. The graphic intimacy with which he recounts the numerous “fictional” encounters with meals is too vivid to be anything but real in my analysis.”

“If I had to guess, I’d say OJ gained has gained least 50 pounds.”

Despite the backlash, Simpson said he will continue plans to release the book and vowed to not rest until he found scales that work.

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Hansel and Gretel Found To Contain Traces of War Horse

UNITED KINGDOM – Paramount Pictures have been forced to recall their new movie from cinemas after initial screenings confirmed it contained traces of War Horse.

The action horror remake of the classic fairytale was found to contain up 30% of the equine based war drama, prompting an immediate removal from theatres nationwide.

Smaller amounts of War Horse were also found in The Avengers, Battleship and Total Recall.

War Horse scandal

Across Europe the production labeled as “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters” has been found to be contaminated with War Horse and the contamination looks to have even affected straight-to-video titles according to sources.

After an initial denial, Paramount confirmed the 90 minute fantasy production had in fact been adulterated with several of scenes from the 2011 Steven Spielberg epic thought to have found their way into the movie during a “gross error” in the editing process.

Moviegoers were understandably to be shocked by the revelation and are demanding answers.

“Well it’s an outrage is what it is,” said one angry member of the public.  “I paid for Hansel and Gretel.  It clearly says ‘Hansel and Gretel’ on my cinema ticket.  So forgive me for expecting 100% Hansel and Gretel.”

“The fact that we were fed something other than what we paid for was even worse than the film itself, and I didn’t think that was possible,” said another disgruntled viewer.

However, after seeing the film several attendees did admitted something “felt out of place” when Hansel formed a deep bond with a horse wandering in the forest 30 minutes into the screening.

Public outrage

Studio officials stressed the contaminated title – shown across hundreds of cinemas over the UK and Ireland – posed no risk to the health of the public, unless they actually sat through and watched the entire thing.

However, a Paramount spokesman said customers affected could return tickets for a full refund and Inception on Blu-Ray.

In an effort to determine just how far the scandal has spread, the UK Film Council announced it would now conduct a full investigation into other blockbuster titles in search of War Horse scenes.

Fast and Furious was thought to contain traces of War Horse but further tests showed it actually contains large amounts of Raging Bull.

In related news, John Carter has been banned from screening after authorities said it misled the public into thinking it was a watchable piece of entertainment and is now facing charges of serious fraud.

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McDonald’s To Change Burger Colour To Avoid Red Meat Health Warning

ENGLAND – Officials at McDonald’s have confirmed they will be altering the colouring of their meat-like patties to avoid negative connotations associated with red meat.

After a study suggesting red meat increased the risk of death, scientists within the fast food company say they have taken steps to make their food appear even less like red meat than it already does.

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Jury Sentences Carlos The Jackal To Life In NHS Nursing Home

FRANCE – A local court has convicted the international terrorist known as Carlos the Jackal and sentenced him to life in an NHS operated nursing home without parole.

The Venezuelan-born criminal, whose real name is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez had expected to receive a softer sentencing option of life in regular prison.

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Link Between Phone Use and Talking Louder Than Necessary Confirmed

GENEVA – A recent study from the World Health Organization has revealed a ‘substantial and worrying’ link between mobile phone use and talking much louder than you need to.

The WHO declared mobile phones to have the potential to cause unnecessarily high amplitude sound waves to be emitted when in use by those who had no awareness of their surroundings.

“We found that a certain subset of the population were highly susceptible to the condition in which we noted unnecessary elevation of the speaking voice,”claimed professor Helen Carter.

Her team lead several experiments all with the same sobering result: an increased risk of the medical condition known as ‘ignorant jerk syndrome’ (IJS).

‘Alarming correlation’

Professor Carter was now able to say with certainty that there is a strong link between mobile phone use and talking as if you are the only person in a one mile radius.

“We ran the study within a controlled group,” explained professor Carter.  “As you can see, our phone user is utterly unaware of the amplitude of his voice right now despite the murderous looks from those around him.”

For many the findings have only confirmed what was already believed to be a serious problem.

Phone owner Jeff Randleson said:  “I knew there was something wrong when this jackass started yammering on the phone in a quiet zone…a quiet zone!  I guess since it’s a medical condition it’s not his fault though.”

Experts said things appeared to get worse the longer a phone was in use.  In addition to elevated amplitude and pitch, test subjects also exhibited symptoms such as arm waving and sporadic outbursts of “HELLO?” and “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?”

Chilling evidence

“In one test the condition got so bad our test subject was eventually punched in the face before we saw any reduction in symptoms.”

Perhaps the biggest fear was the potential effect on young children.  One concerned mother said she had already limited her childrens’ phone use due to protect them from developing IJS.

The news was not all bad however as the team had advise for phone users concerned about possible health risks highlighted in the report.

In a press release, professor Carter stated, “we are still conducting additional research into the long-term prognosis, but for now it is important to take measures to reduce its affects such as using your inside voice when on the phone.”

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David Cameron Put On Waiting List For NHS Reform

ENGLAND – David Cameron has been placed on a waiting and will likely have to wait ‘at least 6 to 8 months’ to see someone about reforming Britain’s inefficient healthcare system.

Earlier this week, the Prime Minister announced his intention to urgently put in place crucial reforms that would improve the service, citing the need to act ‘sooner rather than later’.  However, NHS bosses now expect wait time to push that plan to ‘later rather than sooner’ as the institution works through a backlog of people wanting to implement substantial changes to the system.

‘Please wait your turn’

“We get this a lot we do,” a nurse said.  “It seems that everyone and their dog comes in complaining about this change or that change, but I told David like I tell everybody with the same sad story…there’s a line of people with problems just as ‘urgent’ as yours so sit down and wait patiently until you are seen.”

The coalition leader is thought to be behind a string of leaders who have previously all put in appointments to improve the national service that has fallen behind among it’s European peers, including Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and ‘90s leader John Major.

Former Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher was also on the waiting list for reform until recently, when she decided to give up her place in the line ‘and get on with the rest of my life’.

It’s expected that Mr Cameron will be able to see someone in 6 to 8 months, when he’ll then likely be directed to the correct person he needs to see and placed on another waiting in his bid to overhaul the system.

Inefficient system

Public sector unions had warned of the major wait times he would likely face, but the Prime Minister said that there was no easy option, admitting though that it was frustrating to have so many hypochondriacs and drug addicts come after him yet be seen ahead of him.

Even still, he remained optimistic he would be attended to in good time: “They told me it wouldn’t be too long now and we can really get some change going.  I’ve got my ticket so we’ll just see how it goes,” he decided.  “Who knows, maybe someone won’t show up and I’ll be bumped up the list.”

“This is a problem I will not shy away from…I just wish they’d get some up to date magazines in here.”

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McDonald’s Recall Burgers Over Real Beef Scare

CALIFORNIA – McDonald’s have been forced to recall as many as nine million Big Macs, Double Cheeseburgers and Big Tastys after fears that they could contain as much as 100% real beef.

The recall, to be officially announced by the US Food And Drug Administration imminently, was set in motion hours after a customer remarked that her burger tasted like ‘real food’ and soon after alerted the FDA. Specimen testing on a Quarter Pounder (with cheese) confirmed the presence of authentic beef inside the space between buns where reheated imitation beef should have been.

Authentic beef is a potent source of minerals and protein which, when consumed in sufficiently high doses could contribute to a healthy and balanced diet.

Unsafe for consumption

Word of the contamination has spread quickly throughout media outlets and social networking sites alike, with the nation making plain it’s outrage that a company with a decorated history of nutritional negligence could find itself in such a comprising position.

“Don’t they have checks for these things???” commented one Twitter user. “I mean…real beef, C’MON #mickyD?! Heads should roll for this! #epicfail”

Many customers have now said they would reconsider visiting the restaurant in the near future. Speaking to local news, one fan was quick to express their disgust, saying: “I’m just stunned.  This is just not what I come to McDonald’s for. If I wanted nutrition, I would have joined Weight Watchers.”

The recall is projected to cost the fast food chain as much as $25 million, enough to pay hourly wages of roughly 3 million illegal immigrants, but a necessary step to protect the poor nutritional value of it’s food offerings, say executives.

Proud tradition of serving non-food

A McDonald’s spokesman, Mike Reid, said in an interview: “We’ve had a good, constructive two-way dialogue with the FDA’s office and the clinically obese. We’re on top of it.”

“We’re confident we’ve isolated the source of the real beef contamination and with increased safeguards it will not be a problem going forward.”

Seeking to remind the nation of it’s commitment to a menu capable of bringing Jamie Oliver to tears, creating food items that contain ‘little to no actual food’. A press statement highlighted the the recent availability of the McRib – a re-constituted, pseudo rib patty – calling it the “most unnatural thing you’ll eat that isn’t bacon and cheese wrapped in two pieces of fried chicken.”

“And our chicken nugget are full of crap too. Let’s not forget that.”

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