Mostly Legitimate New Network

The Mostly Legitimate News Network began life as far back as last decade, 2009.  Since then it has come on leaps and bounds, switching from one wordpress template to another and changing from a .net to .com, all in the name of providing satire that can be enjoyed by all (except Mexicans, blacks, whites, politicians, gays, lesbians, inbetweeners, old people, Mexicans again, terrorists…and fictional characters), everyone.

Anyone still reading can rest assured that the news on this site is not real but an effort to bring a humorous light to a number of issues in today’s world so we can learn to laugh at our supposed differences.

If you would like to get in contact about anything on this website, you can use the email address below.

Advanced warning: Sending an email saying that you have been offended by something you read on these pages will just be encouraging repeat offenses.

Nigel – nigel@mostlylegit.com