Dora the Explorer Cancelled After Star Deported By Authorities

ARIZONA – Nickelodeon have confirmed it has been forced to cancel Dora the Explorer after the show’s star was deported from the United States.

A spokesperson for the broadcaster, iCarly, told reporters that at 10:30am, the eight-year-old was the subject of a “routine stop and search” in which she was asked to “produce paperwork indicating her immigration status.”

Despite the backlash from children aged two to six, conservatives backed the measure, calling the decision to preserve the heart of the immigration statute “a victory for Ben 10 fans”.

‘Shock to us all’

The incident follows the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the “show me your papers” provision of the state’s SB 1070 immigration policy.

After going to her purple backpack several times, she was still unable to find the documentation required to get her out of her latest predicament.

Boots the Monkey was left distraught as the loss of his friend and colleague who said he “did not once suspect” was an undocumented worker.

“It just never came up you know,” said the five-year-old monkey.  “We were having so much fun I never thought to ask.”

Responding to accusations of racial profiling, Governor Jan Brewer has publicly stood by her state’s laws on immigration, arguing that Dora the Explorer was justifiably stopped due to a history of  suspicious behaviour.

Law enforcement agents explained that “no American would put that time and energy into educating our nation’s children.”

The deported

There are however now serious concerns that such a case could lead to racial profiling among other Nickelodeon shows – a charge hotly denied by Governor Brewer.

“Look I’m just as upset over this as anyone,” she assured viewers.  “I’ve learned everything I know about Latinos from that show.  This is not a witch hunt.”

“The law is the law and Ms Marquez was not able to produce the necessary paperwork when prompted by authorities – that’s one lesson she should have taught herself sooner.”

Nickelodeon are said to already be making plans to replace the star with a white girl who would teach children how to speak English.

Both presidential opponents weighed in on the debate with President Barack Obama calling it a “dark day” for Telemundo.

When told Ms Dora Marquez was to be sent back to her home country, Mitt Romney expressed his disappointment and promised to begin the search for a new housekeeper “immediately”.

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