Wile E Coyote Held On Terror Charges

ENGLAND – Wile E Coyote has been held on suspected terror charges after an explosive device was intercepted by security officials on a flight bound for the US.

An international investigation is now taking place over what is being classified as a failed attempt to launch an attack on US soil for the purposes of terror.  The coyote, now believed to have links to al-Qaeda, was detained at the scene.

Protesting his innocence by holding up a sign reading: “This isn’t what it looks like,”  Wile E Coyote was dragged kicking and silently screaming by TSA staff who confirmed they would hand him over to government agents for further interrogation.

Terror charges

Mr Coyote was also seen holding another sign reading “Help!” as he was taken to airport holding cells.

“I’m just glad we stopped this before this maniac could do any real damage.” said TSA chief Chett Evans.

The explosive device was found strapped to a pair of roller skates, thought to be an attempt to masquerade them as harmless rocket powered footwear.  The package also contained ‘enough bird seed to feed an army of birds’, though it remains unclear what link this has to the terror plot.

Reports suggested the devices bore all the hallmarks of al-Qaeda: an apparent reference to the group’s love of Saturday morning cartoons.

Unusual suspect

A spokesman for Acme Corporation, who manufacture the rocket which was ‘seconds’ away from detonation, rejected accusations of poor manufacturing leading to a potential explosion, instead accepting that Wile E Coyote has indeed been recruited by an Islamic terrorist organisation.

Security officials believe the scare was a dry run for a bigger plot, but have so far failed to extract any information from the coyote who has remained silent. “He’s just making things more difficult for himself,” said Evans.  “Once the Feds get here they’ll get him talking…one way or the other.”

Evans also confirmed that extra security checks would be implemented for cartoon characters – or anyone travelling with cartoon characters – as airport security looks certain to tighten once again.

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