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Black BNP Member Gains Courage To Speak

LONDON, UK – With the General Election fast approaching, the BNP have recruited their first and only non-white member since voting to no longer be racist. 

The indigenous extremist group which also doubles as a political party has said that it will allow ‘one black guy’ to join the party ‘and maybe a couple Asians’, putting to rest nagging concerns that the group may still be racist.

“Look, we’re letting in some coloured guys ok?  Maybe now we can get past this whole race thing…where did that came from anyway?” Was Nick Griffin’s response when it was suggested the change was only made to comply with legal requirements.  It is unsure what effect the recruitment of one black male will have on the standing of the party amongst ethnic communities.

I spoke to the black member of the BNP to discuss this historical moment.

UK Correspondent: So glad that you had the courage to show yourself today black BNP member.

Black BNP member: My name’s Daniel actually, and why wouldn’t I?  The BNP are no longer racist.

UK Correspondent: It’s still a little strange.  So how many ethnics are now in the party?

Black BNP member: Just myself, hehe.  I’m somewhat of a trailblazer.

UK Correspondent: Don’t you think some will take that statistic to suggest the BNP still hold on to their extremist views?

Black BNP member: Hehe, no.  Things are different now.

UK Correspondent: How exactly?

Black BNP member: Well…I’m black.  Simply by my presence, the BNP have shed racist and discriminatory values of the past.

UK Correspondent: The past month?

Black BNP member: …Yes.

UK Correspondent: How have your family reacted to your position?

Black BNP member: They haven’t spoken to me since I joined, hehe.

UK Correspondent: Oh?

Black BNP member: Not everyone can understand why I have made this decision.

UK Correspondent: Why have you joined the BNP?

Black BNP member: Because we need to be heard if this country is to be diverted from this path that has seen the nation’s values diluted as it becomes infested with immigrants that only serve to corrupt our social economic fibre.  It’s an insult to the indigenous founders that are still left in this country fighting for our lives!

UK Correspondent: Right.  Other black people don’t understand that?

Black BNP member: They will in time. They just have to understand The BNP are not really motivated by skin colour, we’re just against anyone not contributing to the success of white brethren–ah, multicultural brethren.

UK Correspondent: What would you say to ethnics who feel support for the BNP could mean betraying their race?

Black BNP member: That’s no longer a valid concern…I’m black.

UK Correspondent: Have you had any resistance to your integration?  I mean, it must be like a dry slap in the face having you walking about freely?

Black BNP member: Hehe, not at all.  You know sometimes, when you’re on the outside of things you tend to lose sight of what’s really going on.  We’re not this ‘racist monster’ the media like to portray us as.

UK Correspondent: So everyone was happy to welcome you?

Black BNP member: Once I passed the initiation, I was welcomed with open arms.

UK Correspondent: Initiation?

Black BNP member: Yes, every new member must go through it.  Hehe, quite funny really.

UK Correspondent: I don’t think there is such thing as an initiation.

Black BNP member: What do you mean?

UK Correspondent: Initiation isn’t really part of the political process.  Maybe it was just a prank?

Black BNP member: A prank?  But that would mean…Hehe…no they assured me this was normal…

UK Correspondent: I don’t know what to tell you.  There’s no such thing.

Black BNP member: But I…NO!  They told me…the things I did…I…What have I done?!

UK Correspondent: So let’s discuss the strategies for the BNP for the forthcoming election cam–

Black BNP member: WHAT HAVE I DONE?!  I’ve betrayed everyone!

UK Correspondent: You seem a little flustered there.  Maybe you should sit down?

Black BNP member:  I have to do something…I’m leaving….

UK Correspondent: No problem.  We can we wrap this up when you get back from your thing.

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