US Mistakenly Invades Afghanistan For Second Time

HELMAND PROV, AFGHANISTAN – US forces are said to be still dumbfounded after invading Afghanistan, forgetting that they have already been occupying the country for almost a decade.

It was thought forces in the area ‘just plain forgot’ that they were already entrenched in the Taliban infested area when asking Afghan forces to spearhead what was then thought to be the opening shot in the war against extremist militants led by Osama bin-Laden.  “

Now that I think back, they did look at us funny when we told them our plan,” said commander General Stanley McChrystal. “I just thought they were slow or something”.

It had taken a week before commanders realised that they had in fact already invaded the country, a discovery made only after a soldier stumbled across an N-Sync album he had left behind in 2001.

Local residents say they are concerned for the sanity of US forces in the region.  “How could they so easily forget they invaded us once already?” said Namir Yousafzai, local opium farmer and part-time goat herder.

“They only just bombed my house last month, did that mean nothing to them?!”

President Obama was shocked to learn that Afghanistan had already been invaded by US troops and during a hastily arranged Q&A session stated that he had ‘no idea’ this had been done before.

Despite acknowledging the mistake, the President rebuked suggestions that they pull out of the country, saying they will remain until the job is done and they find the reason they invaded the first time.

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